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Our research focuses on immune regulatory mechanisms in autoimmune diseases. 

Our main research is to assess the role of the Semaphorin family found to be highly important in regulating the immune system, both the adaptive and innate immunity.

In previuos studies we reported on the decreased serum level of semaphorin3A and its expression on both T regulatory and B regulatory cells mainly in SLE, Scleroderma and Allergy.

In animal models of SLE and asthma we demonstrated the beneficial effect of injecting recombinant semphorin3A to these mice.

One additional field of interest is of chronic spontinious urticaria (CSU), we run histophatological studies aiming to understand skin pathopysiology of CSU mainly the autoimmine origin of this disease. we are also engaged with clinical/theraputic studies aiming to improve the outcome of severe CSU. 

Our research is translational and innovative

Our Lab is located at the Bnai-Zion Medical Center, Haifa and at the Rappaport faculty of medicine, Technion , Haifa. 


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